Title Application for Transferring

【Guidelines on Students’ Application for Transferring to Department of Creative Product Design at I-Shou University】

Regarding students’ application for transferring to the Department of Creative Product Design (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”), transfer requirements and assessment criteria are as follows:

I.  Transfer Requirements

 1. The average semester grade for the most recent semester shall be among the top 50% in

his/her class.

 2.The personal conduct score of every semester shall be at least 75 points.

II. The following documents must be submitted together with a completed application: resume,

an original academic transcript with conduct scores for of all semesters one has studied, and

photocopies of supporting documents about club experiences, works or specialties.

III.Applicants will not be accepted until they have passed the interview and the skill test

administered by the Department. The Guidelines become effective after being adopted by

the Departmental Affairs Council and ratified by the University. The same procedure

applies to any amendment to the Guidelines.



Note: In the event of any disputes or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language

or terms of these Guidelines, the Chinese language version shall prevail.

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