Title Use of Professional Classrooms

【Guidelines on the Management and Use of Professional Classrooms of Department of Creative Product Design at I-Shou University】

I. Students shall be quiet in the Professional Classrooms, and they shall not cause disturbance

to other users while discussing with others. Playing, making noises, and chasing and running

inside are strictly prohibited. 

II. All facilities and equipment in the Professional Classrooms shall not be used until clear

instructions have been given by course instructors.

III.Students shall check the condition of facilities and equipment before use. Any malfunction or

damage shall be immediately reported to the course instructor or the teaching assistant for

further handling.

IV. Students are not allowed to switch on the air-conditioner, lights, or teaching-related

facilities and equipment, unless prior consent has been obtained from the course instructor or

the person-in-charge.

V.Students shall conduct safety checks and do the cleaning before leaving the Professional


VI. Students who wish to use the Professional Classrooms during spare time must obtain prior

consent from the course instructor and complete a booking application at the Department


VII.  Anyone who causes damage to the facilities or equipment in the Professional Classrooms

will be punished pursuant to applicable regulations and rules.

VIII.To maintain the cleanliness and safety of the Professional Classrooms, no eating, drinking

or smoking is allowed inside.

IX.Any matter not mentioned herein may be submitted to the Departmental Affairs Council for


X.  Any amendments to the Guidelines may be proposed by the Curriculum Committee based

on the actual situation and become effective after being adopted by the Departmental Affairs




Note: In the event of any disputes or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of these Guidelines, the Chinese language version shall prevail.

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