Purpose of Establishment  

The study for “creativity” has raised a great awareness in the 21st century. Creative design professionals have also become the new driving forces for industry transformation and sustainable business development.

According to2005-2015 human resource medium-long term supply and demand trend report’ from the Council of Economic Planning and Development, the needs for human resource of a degree in industrial design or product design will be around 1050-2300 short in 2015.

During the recent years, the Board of E-United Group invested heavily in the E-Da world with eight functions of leisure, vacation, health, education, art, culture, shopping and real estate. To pursue the sustainable development, improve business performance and enhance the service quality, there is an urgent demand to cultivate the talents in the field of creative product design.

Therefore, the Department of Creative Product Design was established in 2011. This is to foster next-gen top designers with a wide prospect. Also, it is aimed to bridge the gap of shortage in product design professionals across industries in Taiwan.




Characteristics of Courses

The department developed courses for professional training, which feature the following characteristics:

Ø  Unleash creativity: Using a broad range of stimuli to inspire students and giving freedom to apply extensive materials to design assignments.

Ø  Foster practical skills: Training students' design skills by demonstrating proper usages of tools and equipment. Gaining advantages by acquiring professional certificates and participating in global design awards.

Ø  Emphasize innovation: Guiding students to realize ideas through knowledge integration and to conduct multi-disciplinary teamwork.

Ø  Collaborate with industries: Providing internship opportunities for students to participate in real-life projects together with companies in design sector.

Ø  Establish solid foundation for career: Enhancing students’ understanding by explaining business processes. Organizing conferences and workshops for sharing practical experiences between academia and industries.


Prospect for Graduates

The graduates will have extensive career opportunities in product design sector, options exemplified as follows:

Ø  To be a product designer at a design consultancy.

Ø  To be a product designer in the design department of a company.

Ø  To be a design consultant for directing design projects in marketing commercial goods.

Ø  To run a design studio for creating and marketing products of own brands.

Ø  Take qualification exams for design relevant positions of governmental services.

Ø  Continue advanced studies for design master and PhD degrees in global institutes.