Dr. Jyh-Rong Chou

1.  National Science Council, A linguistic evaluation approach for universal design (NSC 100-2221-E-214-073),2011/08/01~2012/07/31.

2.  National Science Council, Exploring the Minimalism in Product Design from Gestalt Visual Perception Perspective (NSC 98-2221-E-343-010), 2009/08/01~2010/07/31.

3.  National Science Council, The digital divide and user analysis in HCI for unemployed adult novices (NSC 96-2221-E-268-002), 2007/08/01~2008/07/31.

4.  National Science Council, Comprehension differences between print and screen reading for middle-aged computer learners (NSC 95-2221-E-268-002), 2006/08/01~2007/07/31.

Dr. Tun-Hsueh Chan

1.  Design and develop microscope products for MicroLinks technology corporate.

2.  Research a method for designing LED products by integrating bionics and emotional design theories.

3.  Design and develop consumer electronics for the aging society.

Dr. Ching-Sung Lai

1.  Design and improvement of household appliances.

2.  The construction and analysis of an automatic screening machine.

3.  The survey of needs for the aging people.